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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What polls say... what certain people think

A recent Congress.org newsletter included a story on how polls are conducted and results used to support political motivations.  A great reminder that citing a poll doesn't necessarily tell you anything but what the author wants you to believe. 

Read the story at Congress.org.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Critics should have a point

There is so much pointless writing on the Internet that it makes me wonder about my blog....   I stumbled upon these recent iPad-related blog posts by Forbes writer Andy Greenberg in his Firewall blog.  On one day he touts the head of the National Security Agency calling the iPad "wonderful."  Two days later he's writing about how insecure the iPad is.   Now I don't know much about the orientation of this "security blog" or the author himself.  Am I supposed to think I shouldn't buy an iPad because it could be hacked?  What computer device would he recommend following that logic? 

Mr Greenberg himself points out that noted Apple-hacker Chris Miller not only owns an iPad, but doesn't seem to be interested in hacking it. What?  Well, at least the mere mention of "iPad" will drive some more traffic to your blog--whether it has a point or not.  Well done!

Full disclosure:  I canceled my subscription to Forbes years ago.  I think its safe to skip Mr Greenberg's "Firewall" blog as well.