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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rumors of my death are greatly exadurated, said the Web

Recently a friend cited a Chris Anderson article from Wired about how
everything will be free in the future. To borrow David Pogue's word:
poppycock!  Mr. Anderson (say it like Agent Smith, it just feels
right) seems to have a habit of sensationalizing things based on a
shoddy interpretation of data. Or maybe this just fits the sensational
headlines better....  You may have heard about his article "The Web is
Dead," were he claims other types of Internet traffic are replacing
http/www traffic. I almost believed this, but then I woke up.

David Poge does a great job of setting things straight.  In a
nutshell, Mr. Anderson seems to confuse percentage share with
quantity.  http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/20/is-the-web-dead/

Is it bad for Wired that my renewal notice showed up just now?
Probably.  If something is dead, it's more likely to be Wired than the